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Peta Dunia

Bahasa Indonesia adalah bahasa resmi Indonesia, dan daftar standar Melayu, sebuah bahasa Austronesia. Peta dunia menunjukkan negara dan badan air dalam bahasa Indonesia.

Peta Dunia

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Description : Peta dunia yang menunjukkan benua, negara, pulau-pulau dan lautan dengan lokasi batas internasional mereka dalam bahasa Indonesia. Disclaimer

Bahasa Indonesia, the official language of Indonesia, is spoken as a native language by over 23 million people in Indonesia and is an official language of East Timor. It is spoken as a second language by over 140 million speakers. Indonesian has served as a lingua franca, or common language, between many parts of the region that speak various other regional languages, like Javanese, Sundanese, and Madurese. With its use as a lingua franca, Indonesian has become one of the most widely spoken languages worldwide.


Last Updated On : January 25, 2013

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