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Wall maps come in varied themes like historical events, climatic conditions, travel routes, demographical details etc. You can also find wall maps pertaining to the world, continents, countries, states and cities.
Basically one can find World wall maps ranging from micro to the macro levels of the world, and it is said that, it is possible to find a wall map for every taste and every occasion. The most popular variation here is the World wall maps. Each one is prepared differently to suit the requirement of people purchasing them. For instance, the World Classic maps have a Winkle Triple projection that minimizes land distortion. Usually these maps have a write and wipe exterior. Other variations include World Executive Wall Maps, World Decorator Wall Maps and many more.

Another important category is the Country and Continent Wall Maps. These maps highlight the various details like, topography, climate, hills, river, plateaus and deltas present within different countries and continents. The Continent Wall Maps available at are of South America, Europe, North America, Australia, Africa, Middle East and Asia. The country wall maps would include Italy, Spain, France, Germany, India, Croatia, China, Japan and other countries as well.

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