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Quang Ngai Map

Quang Ngai, a province located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, shares its borders with Quang Nam province in the north, Binh Dinh province in the south, East China Sea in the east and Kon Tum province in the west.
With a land area of about 5,152.7 sq km the province of Quang Ngai houses a population of approximately 1,295.6 thousand.

The capital of the Quang ngai province is the city of Quang Ngai. The province of Quang Ngai is divided into 13 districts, which serve as administrative units. Some of the districts are Tra Bong, Binh Son, Minh Long, Ly Son, Mo Duc, Son Tay, Tu Nghia, Ba To, etc.

The topographical features of Quang Ngai are varied, comprising plains, mountains, islands and coastal areas. The main rivers draining the province of Quang Ngai are Tra Bong, Tra Khuc and Ve. The climate of Quang Ngai is characterized by the hot season (April- August), the cold season (January- March) and the rainy season (September- December).

Home to several ethnic groups of Vietnam, the province of Quang Ngai houses communities like the Viet, Co, Xo Dang, Hre, etc. Quang Ngai is connected through National Highways and the North-South Express Train. Tourism is one of the chief industries of Quang Ngai.

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