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Charles Curtis

Charles Curtis
Charles Curtis was an eminent political figure of the United States. He had been a representative, senator and a remarkable Vice-President of the United States. This great man of politics was born on 25th January, 1860 in Topeka, Kans.

Charles Curtis had been the Vice President of the United States under Herbert Hoover ,1929-1933. He is in fact the only Kansan to hold the office of Vice President, and is also the only Vice President of Native American heritage. Charles Curtis had seen to play the role of congressman and senator of the United States.

Charles Curtis had been considered as one of the most influential personality who supported women's suffrage, and had passed Native American and farm legislation.

Charles Curtis in his early life worked as a reporter of the North Topeka Times.

When he was only 21 Curtis was admitted to the bar. He gradually started showing his interest in Republican politics and was later elected as Shawnee County Attorney in the year 1884. He again got elected in 1886.
In 1903 Charles Curtis started representing Kansas in national offices. Until 1908 he served in the House of Representatives of the United States and in the Senate from 1909-1913 and 1915-1929.

Charles Curtis served as Vice President during the Hoover administration, from 1929-1933. But in 1932 Hoover and Curtis lost the election and therefore Curtis retired from public service after leaving the seat of Vice President. But till his death on 8th February, 1936 he remained quite active in party organizations.

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