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Political subdivisions

By looking at the political map of USA, you can get to know about the area and the size of the different states of the country and their subdivisions and boundaries. United States is a federal constitutional republic and is one of the most ethnically diverse and cultural nations in the world.

Spanning an area of around 3.79 million square miles, United States is bordered by Canada in the north while Mexico lies to its south. It is made up of 50 states of which 13 were originally framed out from the colonies which fought for freedom from the British dominion. Apart from these, most of the other states were either purchased by the government or annexed through war. The most recent territory to get statehood was Hawaii back in August 21, 1959.

There are also two more major regions in USA. One is the District of Columbia, which is the federal district. Washington, the capital city is a part of this region. The other is Palmyra Atoll, which is an uninhabited territory in the midst of the Pacific Ocean. The state of Alaska is not a part of United States. It is located in the extreme northwest part of North America. The US political map clearly marks the boundary of Alaska so that readers can easily understand it.

There are 5 major overseas territories which also fall under the statehood of the US. They are:

Territory Area Capital
United States Virgin Islands 346.36 square kilometers Charlotte Amalie
Puerto Rico 9,104 square kilometers San Juan
Guam 541.3 square kilometers Hagatna
American Samoa 199 square kilometers Pago Pago
Northern Mariana Islands 477 square kilometers Saipan

The physical map of US provides you the details of the topographical features of the country by demarcating various geographical regions, their size and the boundaries.

Total Area 3,717,813 sq miles
Land area 3,536,294 sq miles
Water area 181,519 sq miles
Coordinates 38°0' N, 97°0'W
Contiguous zone 24 nautical miles
Economic zone 200 nautical miles
Territorial sea 12 nautical miles

State divisions in USA

The state and county maps of USA provide you with factual information about the locations of the states and the divisions of the country. The state map clearly demarcates the boundaries of the states by different shades and outlines. Through the different colors, readers can easily understand the borders of the states and the area. The state capitals are also distinctly marked by points. Some of the useful details that you can get from the political map of USA are:

State Area Capital Population(as per 2008)
Alaska 1,717,854sq kms Juneau 686,293
Alabama 135,765sq kms Montgomery 4,661,900
Arkansas 137,002sq kms LittleRock 2,855,390
Arizona 295,254sq kms Phoenix 6,500,180
Colorado 269,837sq kms Denver 4,939,456
California 423,970sq kms Sacramento 36,756,666
Connecticut 14,356 sqkms Hartford 3,501,252
Delaware 6,452 sqkms Dover 873,092
Florida 170,304sq kms Tallahassee 18,328,340
Georgia 153,909sq kms Atlanta 9,685,744
Hawaii 28,311 sqkms Honolulu 1,288,198
Illinois 140,998sq kms Springfield 12,901,563
Idaho 216,632sq kms Boise 1,523,816
Indiana 94,321 sqkms Indianapolis 6,376,792
Iowa 145,743sq kms DesMoines 3,002,555
Kansas 213,096sq kms Topeka 2,802,134
Kentucky 104,659 sq kms Frankfort 4,269,245
Louisiana 135,382sq kms BatonRouge 4,410,796
Maine 91,646 sqkms Augusta 1,316,456
Massachusetts 27,336 sqkms Boston 6,497,967
Maryland 32,133 sqkms Annapolis 5,633,597
Minnesota 225,181sq kms SaintPaul 5,220,393
Michigan 253,793sq kms Lansing 10,003,422
Mississippi 125,443sq kms Jackson 2,938,618
Missouri 180,533sq kms JeffersonCity 5,911,605
Montana 381,156sq kms Helena 967,440
Nebraska 200,520sq kms Lincoln 1,783,432
NewHampshire 24,217 sqkms Concord 1,315,809
Nevada 286,367sq kms CarsonCity 2,600,167
NewJersey 22,608 sqkms Trenton 8,682,661
New York 141,299sq kms Albany 19,490,297
NewMexico 315,194sq kms Santa Fe 1,984,356
NorthDakota 183,272sq kms Bismarck 641,481
NorthCarolina 139,509sq kms Raleigh 9,222,414
Ohio 116,096sq kms Columbus 11,485,910
Oregon 255,026sq kms Salem 3,790,060
Oklahoma 181,195 sq kms OklahomaCity 3,642,361
Pennsylvania 119,283sq kms Harrisburg 12,448,279
RhodeIsland 4,002 sqkms Providence 1,050,788
SouthDakota 199,905sq kms Pierre 804,194
SouthCarolina 82931.8 sq kms Columbia 4,479,800
Texas 696,241sq kms Austin 24,326,974
Tennessee 109,247sq kms Nashville 6,214,888
Utah 219,887sq kms Salt LakeCity 2,736,424
Vermont 24,923 sqkms Montpelier 621,270
Virginia 110,785.67sq kms Richmond 7,769,089
WestVirginia 62,755 sq kms Charleston 1,814,468
Washington 184,827sq kms Olympia 6,549,224
Wisconsin 169,639sq kms Madison 5,627,967
Wyoming 253,348sq kms Cheyenne 532,668

Cities in United States

The cities in United States are popular tourist attractions as well as important trading and commercial centers. The US cities map provides the demarcation and the visual representation of the location and the boundaries of various cities in the country. The capital city of US is Washington D.C while the largest city is New York City. Those who are planning to make a trip to the cities can also get to know about the tourist spots and well known landmarks which are pointed in bold. You also come to know about the popular roads, streets and the localities. Some of the basic statistics about the major US cities are:

City Area Population (2008) Important Landmark
Washington D.C177.0 sq kms591,833White House
New York City1,214.4 sq kms8,363,710Statue of Liberty
Los Angeles1,290.6 sq kms3,833,995Hollywood Sign
Chicago606.1 sq kms2,853,114Sears Tower
Houston1,558 sq kms2,242,193Houston City Hall
Philadelphia349.6 sq kms1,447,395Independence Hall
Phoenix1,334.1 sq kms1,567,924University of Phoenix Stadium
San Antonio1,067.3 sq kms1,351,305Tower of the Americas
San Diego963.6 sq kms1,279,329PETCO Park
Dallas997.1 sq kms1,279,910Reunion Tower
San Jose461.5 sq kms1,006,892Lick Observatory
Las Vegas340.0 sq kms558,383Las Vegas City Hall

Ecological and weather patterns

The varied geographical features have led to the diverse topography of US. The Appalachian Mountains and Rocky Mountains act as the dividing line which separates the eastern seaboard from the Mississippi Basin and the Great Lakes. The lakes are located in the northern central part of the country. The major physiographic divisions in the country are:
  • Laurentian Upland
  • Atlantic Plain
  • Appalachian Highlands
  • Interior Plains
  • Interior Highlands
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Intermontane Plateaus
  • Pacific Mountain System

By referring to the topographical map of US, you can also get an idea of the vegetation of the country. Deciduous vegetation and grasslands are mostly seen in the east while the west consists of prairies and boreal vegetation. Desert and dry vegetation prevails in the southwestern part.

Weather in US

From the USA weather map, one can understand the different weather systems in the country. Being a vast nation, USA experiences diverse weather patterns. Most of the northern region experience temperate and continental climate while towards the east, it changes to humid continental. Towards the south, the weather changes to humid subtropical. Florida and Hawaii experience maritime tropical climate while it is arid in the Great Basin region. The climate is very dry in the south western region while some parts of the country like Oregon experience oceanic climate. The states which are located by the Gulf of Mexico are prone to tornadoes and hurricanes.

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Transportation in USA

Being one of the most advanced countries in the World, the US has a vast and well developed transportation system. Air and road network are very popular. However, rail and ferry services also form a major part of the transport network. The road maps, railway maps and flight maps of USA help you to have a proper understanding of the transport network in the country. This will make your journey easy, quick and hassle free. provides you with various categories of US maps on physical features, political divisions, states, capitals and major cities, transport and lots more in the country. You can also get useful details on the location and boundaries of the country, the attractions, the business districts and lots more. Some of the well known maps available at are USA physical map, USA Area Code Maps, USA State and Capital Map, USA Political Map, USA County Maps, USA road map, USA weather and precipitation map, New York Map, Texas Map, Hotels in USA, USA Road Map and so on.

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