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Maine Map (ME)

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Where is Maine?
Nicknamed as "The Pine Tree State", Maine(ME) is the 41st most populous state of the 50 U.S. states. Maine is both the easternmost and northern most point of New England region located in the northeastern part of United States
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Maine (ME), the 23rd state of the United States, creates a part of the northeastern segment of the country. Its picturesque landscapes, exotic seafood, dense jungles, mountains, and stony shoreline make it a traveler's paradise.

The hilly state covers a total area of 35,385 sq miles and shares its borders with New Brunswick and Quebec (Canada), the Atlantic Ocean, and New Hampshire.

A ME Map will help you move around in the state and locate every important tourist attraction for which the state is famous. The capital of Maine is Augusta and the largest city is Portland.

Tourist attractions in Maine
The state of Maine is famous for the following tourist attractions:
  • Auburn - It is one of the "Twin Cities" of the state
  • Augusta - The capital
  • Bar Harbor - Famous for its proximity to Acadia National Park
  • Bangor - It is the birthplace of Stephen King and nicknamed as the Queen City
  • Brunswick - Famous for the Bowdoin College Biddeford
  • Lewiston - It is a big commercial hub in the heart of the state, the other of the "Twin Cities", and houses the Bates College
  • Ellsworth - Also known as "Downeast Gateway"
  • Portland - Biggest city

Other famous tourist spots include Baxter State Park, Acadia National Park, Rangeley Lakes, Mackworth Island, Sebago Lake, and Rockland (known for the Lobster Carnival).

Hotels in Maine
The Pine Tree State is home to a range of world class hotels like the following:
  • The Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel
  • Portland Harbor Hotel
  • The Eastland Park Hotel
  • The Juniper Hill Inn
  • The Harborside Hotel, Spa & Marina
Auburn, Augusta, Brunswick, Lewiston, and Portland are the locations that have the widest variety of hotels. A Maine Map helps in appropriately finding these accommodations.

Airlines in Maine
The Portland International Jetport and the Bangor International Airport are the two main airports in the state. Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport, Augusta State Airport, Northern Maine Regional Airport, and the Knox County Regional Airport are the other important airports. Air Canada, Continental Airlines, AirTran Airways, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, and US Airways are the major airlines in the state.

Economy of Maine
The state is known for its agricultural sector, producing potatoes, poultry, livestock, and blueberries. Other industries in Maine include paper, electronic gadgets, timber goods, leather goods, yard goods, food, construction, biotechnology, and naval shipbuilding.

Flag of Maine
The official flag of Maine was adopted on 16th June 1909 and consists of a blue field with the state's coat of arms featuring a tall pine tree, moose and shield at the center.
Joined the UnionMar 15, 1820
NicknamePine Tree State
Largest CityPortland
Area35,385 sq miles
Highest PointMount Katahdin
Lowest PointAtlantic Ocean
Time ZoneEastern: UTC-5
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