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Protests spread all over the US over Michael Brown verdict

Delaware State Symbols

Designation Symbol / Emblem
Beverage Milk
Bird Blue Hen Chicken (University of Delaware)
Bug Lady Bug
Butterfly Tiger Swallowtail (Pterourus glaucus)
Colors Colonial Blue and Buff
Flag Flag of Delaware
Fish Weakfish (Cynoscion genus)
Floral Emblem Peach Blossom
Flower Peach Blossom
Fossil Belemnite (Ancestor of the modern squid.)
Herb Sweet Golden Rod (Solidago odora)
Macroinvertebrate Stonefly (Order Plecoptera)
Marine Animal Horseshoe Crab
Mineral Sillimanite
Soil Greenwich loam* (a course, loamy, mixed, semiactive, mesic, Typic Hapludult)
Song Our Delaware by George B. Hynson and Donn Devine, music by Will M. S. Brown
Star Delaware Diamond, located in the constellation of Ursa Major (Great Bear).
Tree American Holly (Aquifoliaceae Ilex opaca)

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