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US Election Process

US Election Process is a simpler one, following the laws and rules laid down in the Constitution of United States Federation. In fact, Volume 5, Part 4 of the Congressional Record highlights the US Election Process 2008, supported by numerous other legal documents and materials related to the Electoral College and its procedures.

United States Election Process basically determines the fate of numerous candidates contesting the election, out of which two winners are declared as the President and Vice President of the American nation for four-year tenure. However, it must be remembered here that Presidential Election in the country is conducted at the various state levels and not a matter dealt by the national federal government. It is held on the Election Day, that is, the first Tuesday coming after the first Monday of every fourth year.

United States Presidential Election Process is mainly carried out by the electors who are the people's representatives in various states. With a good number of candidates contesting the election, these electors may vote for any one candidate they prefer personally. In spite of wide differences in the elector's preference for the nominated Presidential candidates, the US Congress is the final decider of the fate of these candidates, in entering the White House.

The US Presidential Election Process is strictly guided by Amendments XII, XXII, and XXIII of Article II, Section I of the Constitution of United States of America. According to this guideline, the Electoral College makes use of similar tickets to elect both the President and Vice President of the country. The US Election Procedures are held under the strict authority and supervision of the local election board. In fact, it is the duty of this election board to ensure a neutral and reasonable poll, without the involvement of any manipulation and corruption. This US election process has been offering the American nation, Presidents with eventful past political careers.