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Who were the Founding Fathers of United States of America?

Founding Fathers presenting their draft of the Declaration of Independence to the Congress on June 28, 1776. Painting by John Trumbull. Trumbull’s painting can also be found on the back of the U.S. $2 bill.

The story of America’s Founding Fathers is a fascinating one. Its a story about how men became leaders, fought the revolutionary war and were instrumental in creation of a new country.They were leaders in their communities and hailed from good education and means. They were the men who installed the first ideals into the American Society. After having successfuly fought the Revolutionary War, they signed the declaration of Independence and drafted the Constitution of United States.

Historians always argue as to who all belong in the long list of Founding Fathers, however the most commonly accepted men who became the founders of present day America are listed below. (We’ll be sure to add resources for all in the list)

  • John Adams: He was a member of First Continental Congress and was active in drafting the Declaration of Independence.

  • Thomas Jefferson: Played major role in the Revolutionary War, later went on to become the third American President.

  • George Washington: Became the first President of United States after playing a critical role in the American Revolution as the commander of the Continental Army.

  • Benjamin Franklin: He was a writer, diplomat and an accomplished inventor prior to his involvement in the American Revolution. He later served as US Ambassador to France followed by serving as the Governor of Pennsylvania.

  • James Madison: He is regarded as the ‘Father of the US Constitution.’ Before becoming the fourth President of the US, he authored the first ten amendments in the US Constitution.

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