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Liverpool City - more information

Events: Liverpool Comedy Festival : It started in the year 2002. Held every year in Liverpool, this event is one of the most interesting and popular events of the city. With shows like Drink Up, Stand Up, comedy tours, duet performances, one man shows etc, the focus at this festival is on comedy, humor, wit and laughter.

Liverpool Biennial : It is an international festival of contemporary art that is held for ten weeks every two years at Liverpool, the cultural capital of UK. The event not only features exhibits of artworks of modern artists from across the world, but also holds competitions among the artists. The festival is organized by Liverpool Biennial Contemporary Art Ltd.

John Smith Grand National : It is the biggest and one of the most famous horse races in the world. The event is something that all race goers eagerly wait for and when it is time for the Grand National, the event becomes the talk of the town. Held in the month of April at the renowned Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool, the John Smith Grand National attracts about 70,000 race enthusiasts and is watched by approximately 600 million people across the globe.

Founded in 1850, the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of the major institutions playing a key role in stabilizing the economy of the city. The Chamber has progressed immensely since its inception and in recent times comprises of approximately 1500 regular members as well as 600 members affiliated under it. The progress of Liverpool Trade and Industry is evident from the regularly increasing GVA (Gross Value Added) of the city. The different businesses and industries of Liverpool have contributed to the economic prosperity of the city.

Tate Gallery : As part of this special event, come of the most renowned paintings of the world namely, Picasso' s ' Weeping Woman' , Degas' s ' Little Dancer' , Rodin' s ' Kiss' and Andy Warhol' s ' Marilyn diptych' would be showcased for the first time in the city. The Tate Gallery would host the special shows for these sculptures and paintings.

Liverpool Academy of Arts : It is one of the most significant art venues in the city, which hosts exhibitions of works by various national and international artists. The Academy has hosted over 200 exhibitions between 1988 and 2006.

Art museums of Liverpool : Lady Lever Art Gallery, Walker Art Gallery and World Museum Liverpool.

Liverpool music has been enriched by the contribution of various music bands such as The Beatles, Flamingo 50, Costumes, Voo, Shack and so on. Theaters:
Theaters constitute another significant part of the art, entertainment and culture of Liverpool. Some of the well-known theater houses in the city include Royal Court Theater, Neptune Theater, Liverpool Playhouse, Everyman Theater, Empire Theater, Liverpool Slavery Museum and many others where excellent dramatic performances are organized on a frequent basis.

Premiere Apartments : Located at Hatton Garden, the city centre of Liverpool,
Minster Court Apartmen : The Minster Court Apartment is located in a quiet area of Liverpool, just a short distance from the bustling city center. The famous Albert Dock is a 15 minutes walk from the Apartment.
The Reach Apartment : Located at Leeds Street and spread out on the 5th and 6th floor of a contemporary building, The Reach Apartments is located at the heart of Albert Dock area in the central part of Liverpool.
Arinza Star Apartment: It is located within a two mile distance from the Walker Art Gallery and two and half miles from the world famous Albert Dock. The John Lennon Airport, Liverpool, is just seven miles away .
Royal Quay : It is Strategically located just 100 yards from the Albert Dock of Liverpool, the Royal Quay Apartment is just 400 yards away from the downtown of Liverpool.
Princes Court : It is in close proximity to the City Center of Liverpool with other important landmarks close to it.
Liverpool City Centre Apartments : Located in the central hub of Liverpool, as the name rightly suggests, Liverpool City Center Apartments is within close vicinity of all the major attractions in Liverpool.

Last Updated on 26 march 2013

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