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Where is Bermuda

Where is Bermuda Bermuda Map Bermuda Map
Description : Map showing where is Bermuda located in the World. Disclaimer

For all those travel enthusiasts out there planning a memorable vacation in the Bermuda Islands, your first task is to know exactly, where Bermuda is (also referred as Bermuda Islands). Locating Bermuda is not a very difficult job. Western part of central North Atlantic can be stated as the approximate location of Bermuda.

Where is Bermuda: A MYTH?
Bermuda Islands are often grouped along the Caribbean Islands.

Where is Bermuda: The Fact?
Bermuda Islands, although in the Atlantic Ocean is well distanced from the Bahamas. With hundreds of miles intervening, it lies north of the Bahamas.

Where is Bermuda: Some more facts?
Bermuda lies off the eastern cost of North America.
  • Classified among the reef building corals in the western Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda Islands can be said to be the most northerly positioned one.
  • Location of Bermuda is 1046 KM east of North Carolina. The entire island consists of an area of 53 sq KM.
  • Latitudinally, Bermuda lies 32° 20' N of the equator and longitudinally it lies 64° 45' West of Greenwich.
  • A self governing territory under Britain, it falls in the Atlantic Time Zone.

  Facts About Bermuda  
Country Name Bermuda
ContinentAmericas, North America
Capital Hamilton
Area53.2 km2 ( 20.6 sq mi ) Water (%) 27
Population64,237 ( 2010 census)
Lat Long32.321353, -64.732407
Official LanguageEnglish
Calling Code+1-441
Time ZoneAST (UTC-4) Summer (DST) ADT (UTC-3)
Airport1-International Airports
Neighbour State 
CurrencyBermudian dollarc (BMD)

Location Map of Bermuda before March 4, 2016

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