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Cerro El Avila is a popular mountain range located in the northern region of Venezuela. It is very close to Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela. There is a National Park located at the peak of the mountain. And Teleferico is the name of the cable car that
takes tourists to the crest of the mountain. The mountain is not only famous for the National Park, but the coastal area on the other side of the mountain is also very beautiful. Thousands of people come to visit the National Park and the coastal region.

Teleferico, Venezuela is a very popular kind of transport system. There are two cable car routes to reach the peak of the Cerro El Avila Mountain. These two cables are Mariperez-El Avila and Mariperez-Macuto. The journey in these cable cars is really very exciting. Tourists get to see the entire view of the region. It is really an amazing experience to watch the magnificent scenery from a high.

Attractions at the Cerro El Avila Mounatin

There are many places to visit at the mountaintop. Some of them include the disco, the beautiful ice rink and the Humboldt Hotel. The hotel is very comfortable. So, tourists can also spend a couple of nights to get the real flavor of the place.