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Sweden Cities Map

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Description : Map shows the major cities, international boundary along with the country capital. Disclaimer

The natural beauty of the Sweden cities make them hot favorites among the travel loving people. Few of these Sweden cities are famous for their lakes and rivers, while a few are hot favorites for their mountainous landscapes. The forests are well preserved in few of the Sweden cities. If you plan an itinerary in the heart of Sweden, you can start with the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. The beautiful location of Stockholm on the threshold of Lake Malaren makes its beauty equivalent to that of Venice. The museums and mansions are the other places of interest that none of the visitors to Stockholm can dare to miss.

Few of the notable buildings one should not miss from their itinerary when traveling Sweden cities include:

  • Historical buildings in Gamla Stan (the old town of Stockholm)
  • Stockholm Palace
  • The Nordic Museum at Djurgarden
  • Riddarholmskyrkan, the oldest building in Stockholm
  • Fine construction at Sergels Torg
  • Stock Exchange building at Stortorget in Old Town
  • Youth Hostel af Chapman, Skeppsholmen
  • The National Museum
  • Dramaten, One of Stockholm's notable theaters

    When you are visiting the Sweden cities, you should not miss to pay visits to the theater halls of Sweden. These theater halls are the pride of Sweden. Few of the theater halls in Sweden cities include:

  • Stockholm City Theater
  • The Modern Theater of Dance (Moderna dansteatern)
  • The Peoples Opera (Folkoperan)
  • The China Theater
  • The Gota Lejon Theater
  • The Oscar Theatre
  • The Mosebacke Theater

    The hotels in the Sweden cities are always there to greet you warmly. They offer the best services at the best rates. The transportation facilities within the Sweden cities make it convenient for the tourists to taste the entire beauty of Sweden at its best.

      Major Cities of Sweden  
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