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Map of Daegu, South Korea

Daegu is also spelled as Taegu. Daegu is one of the fourth biggest cities in South Korea. Daegu is the capital of Gyeongsangbuk-do, a province in South Korea. But Daegu legally does not belong to the province.
Daegu is geographically situated at 35 degree 52' North and 128 degree 36' East. Daegu is officially referred to as the Daegu Metropolitan City. The Government of Daegu directly reports to the central Government ( national government ).

The Daegu city in South Korea is popular for its scenic beauty. Daegu seats in a basin which is surrounded on all sides by low mountains like in the east there are many small hills, in the west there it is surrounded by Gaya- san foothills, in the north by Palgong san, and south Biseul- san. Along the eastern and northern boundary of the Daegu city, there flows a river named Geumho river. During summers the temperature of the city is little high than the rest parts of the country. This is due to its location in the basin.

Metals, Textiles and Machineries are the main industries that have developed here. In all over East Asia, the apples grown in Daegu are very famous for its quality. The home for Korean baseball is Daegu.

Some of the attractions of Daegu includes:
  • Korean War Museum and Buddhist temples, gondola ride on Mt. Apsan
  • Historic Buddhist temples like Donghwasa and Pagyesa on Palgongsan mountain
  • Duryu Park
  • Dalseong Park
  • Woobang Tower
The panoramic view of the city's landscape pleases all the people coming here for a retreat.

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