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South American Rain Forests

South American Rain Forest form an important part of the tropical rain forest of the world. The location of the rain forest is between the tropics, a place which enjoys a lot of sunlight and rainfall.
South American Rain Forest is mainly concentrated in the Amazon River Basin.

The rain forest of South America cover almost 40% of the total landmass. Fed by the Amazon river and its numerous tributaries the South American Rain Forest teems with a variety of plant and animal life.

The average temperature of the South American Rain Forest range from 70-90 degree F. The heavy rainfall accounts for the humidity of the rain forest. The annual rainfall of the rain forest is approximately 80-400inches.

The flora of South American Rain Forest is divided according to their location in the forest. The Canopy is the leafy upper part of the trees that form a covering above the smaller plants. The Emergents are the taller trees rising above the canopy. The Under story is the thick growth with a particular height. The Forest Floor is covered with fungus, moss, moist leaves, etc.

South American Rain Forest offers a view of the most amazing fauna in the world. The beautiful butterflies like Morpho butterfly, Monarch butterfly and birds like macaws, toucans and hummingbirds add to the colors of the rain forest. Interesting mammals like the lazy sloth, capybara, opossums, spider monkeys, etc live side by side with dangerous carnivores like jaguars and cougars.

Reptiles like the anaconda, boa, caiman, lizards and many others are also found in the South American Rain Forest. The waters are full of piranha, the dangerous meat eating fish of this region.

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