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Map of South American Countries

South America Population

Being the fourth largest continent of the world South America has a Population of 371,000,000. Situated entirely in the Western Hemisphere and

mostly in the Southern Hemisphere South America possess a diversity of Population. Population of South America stands fifth in the world after Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America.

The people living in South America presently come from various heritage, various race. Some of them belong to the indigenous ethnic groups who trace their ancestry back thousands of years. The decedents from European colonizers also inhabit the place. Population in South America includes the decedents of the African Slaves as well. Immigrants from all over the world can be found here.

South America Population follows religion according to their choice. People are privileged to choose any of the professions they want.

The indigenous people of the continent belong to the following tribes:
  • Alacalufe
  • Atacamenos
  • Aymara
  • Awa
  • Banawa
  • Caiapos
  • Chibcha
  • Cocama
  • Zaparos
  • Yagua
  • Urarina
  • Xucuru
  • Shipibo
  • Quechuas
  • Pehuenche
  • Guarani
  • Ge
  • Enxet
  • Diaguitas
  • Chayahuita
  • Mat
  • Juris
  • Mestizo
  • Jiva
  • Mapuche
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