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South America People

Cultural diversity is at its best in South America and it is the South American people who showcase this cultural diversity. As a result of political
colonization and large scale immigration to South America it has a number of original as well as mixed races. The variety of races combines Amerindians (who form the majority), mestizos, whites, blacks, mullatos, Spanish etc.

The people of South America carry their native heritage and the coming together of people from different areas beyond the South American borders have led to a rich cultural and traditional construct that has its unique characteristic yet every culture retains its own uniqueness. Different ethnic groups have merged to form one name-the South Americans. People of South America have ancestral origins like Europeans, Spaniards, Portuguese, African slaves etc. People with dark hair or blue eyes or green eyes or dark skin all belong to the same country.

The native people of South America make up a large part of the Andean population of South America especially in the regions of Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Paraguay. The rest of the places in South America consist of the mestizo though Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and south Brazil contain Europeans. People of African descent make up north east Brazil, French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela and Colombia.

Most of the national capitals comprise the maximum number of people. The urban population underwent a rapid increase after the Second World War With a population of 10 million Sao Paulo, Brazil, is the largest city of South America.

Music, dance, art, and cuisine, these form an integral part of the life of the South American people. They contain in them the spirit of the nation and form the true yardstick for measuring the progress of South America. The definite lifestyles of the people in South America depict their traditions, customs, beliefs, needs and ancestral history.

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