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Durban, South Africa

Situated at the south-west coast of Indian Ocean, Durban is a busiest container port city and one of the most favorite tourists destinations in South Africa. The most popular tourists destination 'Golden Mile' had been developed in 1970s; however, recently various attractions have been added including beachfront, Suncoast Casino, Entertainment World, and golden sands, artificially separated by a variety of piers.

Having with several of tourists destinations, Durban City is third largest city in South Africa. It has sub-tropical weather and coastal location, which gives perfect scenic landscapes and makes it more pleasant. Besides, the city homes national parks and historic sites i.e. Zululand and Drakensberg.

Durban city is home of many sports including rugby, soccer (football) and other local sports. City has many world class stadiums including Moses Mabhida Stadium (venue for football world cup 2010), Sahara Stadium, Kingsmead (known for cricket test match and one-day venue), and Kings Park Stadium (ABSA Stadium).

To facilitate the tourists, city has superb class infrastructures and communication management. It is well linked with air rout as well as sea rout. Its internal communication modes i.e. rail and road are also well developed. Public buses, private auto-rickshaws, and taxies are easily available.

There are hotels of wide ranges (nearby the stadiums specially Mabhida Stadium where FIFA World Cup 2010 will begin in the month of Jun), so you can choose your hotel according to your budget. The security and other facilities are pretty appreciable.

Moreover, if you are planning to visit this city to enjoy the scenic landscapes or FIFA World Cup 2010 then you need to book your tickets and hotel in advance.