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Cities in South Africa

Cities in South Africa Cape Town City Bloemfontein City Durban City Johannesburg City Nelspruit City George City LESOTHO SWAZILAND MOZAMBIQUE ZIMBABWE BOTSWANA NAMIBIA
Description : The map showing all the major towns and cities in South Africa. Disclaimer

South Africa Cities are the heart beat of the country. Each city has its own story to tell. The cities of South Africa are known world wide for their breathtaking beauty, rich historical and cultural heritage along with elements of modernity strewn all over.

Some Major Cities of South Africa :
  1. Cape Town City of South Africa : Cape Town is one of the most popular South Africa cities. The city offers spectacular views of the mountain and the sea. The city exhibits a queer mixture of traditional structures and modern nightclubs. The Table Mountain is its landmark feature.

  2. Johannesburg City of South Africa : Johannesburg is situated in Gauteng Province of South Africa. The city is thronged by tourists in large number because the city has a unique appeal reflected in its fast life. It is the business hub of South Africa, specializing in diamond and gold trade.

  3. Bloemfontein City of South Africa : Bloemfontein among the South Africa cities is known for the lovely flowers that blossoms in the city, which has also rendered the city its name. The city also houses some historical memorials.

  4. Durban City of South Africa : Among South African cities Durban has the busiest of all the South African ports. Blessed with moderate climate conditions, the city is a popular tourist destination.

Other major South African cities include Alberton, East London, Kimberley, Newcastle, Port Elizabeth, Paarl, Pretoria and Midrand.

South Africa Cities have emerged as cities of global stature, visited by people from all over the world.
  Major Cities of South Africa  
City NamePopulation (2010)City NamePopulation (2010)
Cape Town827218Ibhayi255826
Durban536644Port Elizabeth237500
Mitchell's Plain398650Pietermaritzburg223519

Last Updated Date: August 30, 2016

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