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Liptovsky Mikulas City Map

Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia, is a city situated on the banks of the Vah river in northern Slovakia. An exotic location, it is a major tourist attraction in Slovakia, located in the Liptovska basin. The town has a rich history
of occupation, including habitation dating back to the times of the Bronze Age. It has many great locations and a number of activities that attract tourists to it.

Liptovsky Mikulas was proven to have been inhabited during the Bronze Age. Several bronze artifacts were excavated from the town, and the first written reference found about the town dates back to the year 1286, during which time it was a town of yeomen. It gained royal privileges since then, and hosted open markets, and was the main location in the Liptov county. In 1713, Juraj Janosik, national hero of Slovakia on the lines of Robin Hood, was executed in this town.

Liptovsky Mikulas was a central point for Slovak national culture activities by the middle of the 19th century. It was instrumental in the development of the all round cultural life of Slovakia, and various literary, editorial and performing arts associations were founded, and cultural activity flourished in Liptovsky Mikulas. Many guilds were built in Liptovsky Mikulas, the the town is famous for these.

Places of interest in Liptovsky Mikulas include the houses of the yeomen and the Church of St. Mikulas, which contains examples from exquisite Baroque and Gothic architecture. A synagogue is also present in the town, an epitome of classicist architecture.

Liptovsky Mikulas is also a good starting point for tourists. There are a number of caves nearby, and also some locations displaying folk architecture. Liptovsky Mikulas is also in close vicinity of the biggest ski resort in Slovakia, and tourists can have easy access to it.

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