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Economy of Serbia

Serbia is a very beautiful place in the Republic of Yugoslavia, which is surrounded by mountain ranges. Located in the central as well as northern regions of Yugoslavia, Serbia has a rich historical as well as economic background. Serbia Economy is at a stable position today. However, it was not so during the era of Milosevic. During that period, the economy of Serbia faced a major downfall. The Serbia economy is primarily based on telecommunications and energy.

Agriculture in Serbia

The agriculture in the country of Serbia is very strong and there are numerous agricultural products in Serbia. Some of the major agricultural products in Serbia are wheat, sugar beets, beef, maize, sunflower and so on.

Industries in Serbia

Along with the agricultural aspects, the industrial background of Serbia is also stable enough. There are various industries that are developing very fast.
Some of the major industries in Serbia include agricultural machinery industry, paper and pulp industry, electrical and communication equipment industry, lead industry, sugar industry, transportation equipment industry and so on.

Exports From Serbia

There are many products in Serbia that are exported to the foreign countries. Some of the these major export commodities are different types of manufactured goods, machinery and transport equipments, food and live animals and various other things.

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