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Paraguay Cities Map

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Description : Paraguay cities map showing Paraguay major cities, towns, country capital and country boundary. Disclaimer

The Republic of Paraguay is a South American country. Because of its central position in the continent, on certain occasions it is called as The Heart of America or Corazón de América.
The biggest city and capital of Paraguay is Asunción. Paraguay cities function as the administrative subdivisions of the country.

About Major Paraguay Cities
The country is made up of 17 departments and one capital district. The departments are again categorized into districts. Paraguay cities serve as the capital of these departments. The major cities of the country are listed below:

Asuncion - It is the biggest city and capital of the country. The metropolitan region of the city houses cities like Fernando de la Mora, San Lorenzo, Luque, Lambaré, Ñemby, Mariano Roque Alonso, Limpio, San Antonio, Villa Elisa, and Capiatá. Total area covered by the city is 45.2 sq miles.

Asunción is home to an estimated population of 680,250 (2009). Asunción serves as the seat of the government and is the main harbor of the country. It is also the main cultural and industrial hub of the nation. Business and services sector makes the biggest contribution to the economy of the city. The National Pantheon of the Heroes, The Municipal Museum, The Metropolitan Cathedral, and Palacio de los López are the major tourist attractions in Asunción.

Ciudad del Este - It is a major city in Paraguay. Ciudad del Este is primarily famous for its shopping districts. It is the second biggest city of the country. Ciudad del Este was established in 1957. This city serves as the entrance to the Iguazu Falls.

Encarnacion - It is the capital of the Itapúa Department. The Jesuit Missions of this city have been included into the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Filadelfia – It serves as the capital of the Department of Boquerón. The city was set up by Mennonites from Russia. The city has a supermarket, a library, and a museum.

Other than the abovementioned cities, Paraguay cities include the following:
  1. Fuerto Olimpo
  2. Pedro Juan Caballero
  3. Coronel Oviedo
  4. Caazapá
  5. Salto del Guaira
  6. Concepción
  7. Areguá
  8. Villarrica
  9. Caacupé
  10. Pilar
  11. San Juan Bautista
  12. Villa Hayes
  13. Paraguarí
  14. San Pedro

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