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Population of Nicaragua

Nicaragua population has grown relentlessly at a very high rate since 1950. A rapid increase of birth rate in the urban sector of the country was observed since that period. Today the population of Nicaragua is 5,570,129 as per the CIA World Fact-book.

The majority of the population in Nicaragua is comprised of Mestizos and the whites with 86% of people of these sects. Nicaragua ranks second in the population density of white Latin American in Central America. A strong shift in demography of Nicaragua was observed after the Sandinista revolution of 1979. The circumstances led to a large migration of upper and middle class Nicaraguans, out of which majority were whites.

During the 19th century, the minority groups were imbibed in the Mastizo sect to give them a position in the society. This period was also characterized by whites emigrating from various parts of Europe.

Large section of the population in Esteli, Jinotega and Matagalpa characterizes the fourth generation German. Regions like Managua, Granada and Leon the most densely populated areas of Nicaragua.

A large section of Nicaraguan population belongs to the Spanish, Italian, German and French ancestry. Although less in number, the Afro-Nicaraguense forms an important part of the Nicaraguan population. They are mainly of the West Indian origin and reside in the less populated Caribbean or Atlantic coast.

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