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Ilam Nepal is known for its beautiful mountain scenery and tea production. It is the capital city of Ilam district of the Himalayan country. The beauty of Mai Pokhari Lake in Ilam attracts tourists from all over the world.

Ilam Nepal is renowned for its ethereal mountain scenery. Tourists from all over the world come to see the Mai Beni site near the city. The Mai Beni site is the place of confluence of two mountain rivers. The two mountain rivers are the Maikhola River and the Jog Maikhola River. The confluence point is a major Hindu pilgrimage destination with a large number of religious minded people descending to the place every year. There is a Hindu temple in the vicinity. The secular minded person may enjoy himself by swimming in the cool waters of the Jog Maikhola river.

The Mai Pokhari lake is the prime attraction of Ilam in Nepal. The Mai Pokhari lake is 11 kilometers distant from Ilam city. It is a star shaped lake. The Mai Pokhari lake near Ilam of Nepal is a water body measuring 1.6 hectares. The lake is encircled by green mysterious forests. The lake has religious significance for local Nepalis. Sandakpur is the highest point of Ilam district with a height of 3636 meters above sea level.

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