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Namibia Population

Namibia Population is figured to be around 2,055,080 people according to the latest Census. The population of Namibia is divided in the rural and the urban areas of the country of Namibia. Population of Namibia comprises of mixed races of people. One of the major races living in the country of Namibia is Ovambo. The major occupation of
this clan is agriculture. They live in the northern part of the country and comprise a major part of the Namibia population. They speak a language known as Bantu. English is the official language of the population of Namibia. Afrikaans and German are also spoken by a large section of the population of Namibia. Every ethnic group in the country of Namibia speaks their own language.

The local tribes of Namibia are Herero, Kavango, San, Damara and Khoikhoi. The main religion followed by the population of Namibia is Christianity. The rest of the population in Namibia follows various pagan and traditional religions. Primary education is compulsory for the children belonging to the age group of six to fifteen. Many educational institutes have emerged in the country of Namibia to promote education among the people of Namibia.

Following are the groups into which the population of Namibia can be segregated into:
  • Himba
  • Kavango
  • Herero
  • Rehoboth Basters
  • San
  • Nama
  • Topnaars
  • Caprivians
  • Coloureds
  • Fair skinned people
  • Owambo
  • Tswanas
  • Damara

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