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Religion in Madagascar

Madagascar Religion is ruled by certain traditional beliefs. According to a recent survey, 55 percent of the population abides by the traditional beliefs, 40 percent are Christians and the remaining 5 percent of the population are Muslims.
Thus majority of the Malagasy are the followers of Christianity and they are sub-divided into Roman Catholic and Protestants. The villages of the central highlands of Madagascar have two churches, one of them is Roman Catholic Church and the other is Protestant church.

Betsileo and Merina are the two main ethnic groups in Madagascar. The Betsileo people are the supporters of the Roman Catholicism whereas the Merina people are the supporters of the Protestantism. The council of Christian churches plays the pivotal role to maintain the integrity among the churches is other related factors. The nineteenth century was a tough period for Madagascar as the country witnessed conflicts between Christianity and traditional religious beliefs thus leading to the death of many religious followers.

Later on Protestantism became the religion of the royal and noble families of Madagascar. The Christian missionaries established the belief of Supreme God and used the term "Andriamanitra" to define the Christian counterpart.

Islam religion is also prevalent in the Madagascar society but basically there are meager followers of Islam living in Madagascar. Sunni and Shia are the two main sects of Muslims living in Madagascar. Majority of followers are the Indo-Pakistanis. Small community of the followers practices Hinduism.

The government of Madagascar provides the freedom of religion and also respects the right to practice the various Madagascar religions.

Last Updated : December 09, 2013

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