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Where is Liberia ?
Locator Liberia
Liberia, the West African nation, officially known as the Republic of Liberia from 1847 is bordered by Ivory Coast to its east, Sierra Leone to its west, and Guinea to its north. It spans a total area of 111,369 square kilometers and the landscape is marked by uniform to rolling coastal plains and is covered by dense tropical rainforests. Mount Wuteve with 1,440 meters above the sea level is the highest point within Liberia.
Liberia Map

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More Maps of Liberia

Liberia Map : 
The Liberia Map contains the administrative regions known as counties, the county seats, major cities and capital of the country. There are 15 counties in Liberia which carries out all the governmental functions.

These counties, also shown in the map of Liberia, are mentioned below:
  • Grand Cape Mount
  • River Gee
  • Bomi
  • Montserrado
  • Lofa
  • Grand Gedeh
  • River Cess
  • Grand Kru
  • Nimba
  • Gbarpolu
  • Sinoe
  • Grand Bassa
  • Maryland
  • Margibi
  • Bong

Some of the cities marked in the map of Liberia include Totota, Belle Yella, Sagleipie, Gbatala, Harbel, Kiay, Tapita, Bong Town, Toe Town, Paynesville, Zorzor and Kolahun, among others.

The county seats highlighted in the Liberia Map are:
  • River Cess
  • Fish Town
  • Harper
  • Zweeru
  • Buchanan
  • Voinjama
  • Tubmanburg
  • Sanniquellie
  • Robertsport
  • Bopolu
  • Kakata
  • Barelayville

  • Monrovia, the capital city of the country, is also prominently highlighted in this map. Neighboring nations such as Cote D' Ivore, Sierra Leone and Guinea are indicated in the Liberia map. Atlantic Ocean bordering the nation is clearly pointed out in the map of the nation.

    Liberia Mineral Map : 
    Liberia possesses various mineral deposits spread across the entire nation. Gold, cement and diamond are the commonly found minerals of Liberia. The mineral map of Liberia locates the areas where these mineral deposits are generally found. Some of the locations specified in this map of Liberia are as follows:

    • Sagleipie
    • Harbel
    • Tapeta
    • Monrovia
    • Sasstown
  • Palala
  • Klay
  • Kongo
  • Belle Yella
  • Kolahun
  • Bong Town
  • Bo
  • Zorzor
  • Plibo

  • Atlantic Ocean, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Cote D' Ivore are also depicted in this map.

    Liberia Outline Map : 
    The outline map of Liberia focuses on the locations that surround the country. North Atlantic Ocean, Sierra Leone, Cote D' Ivore and Guinea are all indicated in this map of Liberia. Having a longitude of 9º 30´West of Greenwich and latitude of 6º 30´ North of the Equator, Liberia has a 1585 km long land boundary.

    Liberia Location Map : 
    Liberia is located on the west of Africa. Spanning over a total area of 111, 370 sq km, Liberia shares its borders with Cote D' Ivore, Guinea, North Atlantic Ocean and Sierra Leone. Being an West African country, Liberia is divided into water and land areas. The country possesses 15, 050 sq km of water zones and 96, 320 sq km of land area. The location map of Liberia depicts the exact position of the nation in the world map.

    Those who wish to get an all-encompassing idea about the country, they can refer to the detailed Liberia map.

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    Last Updated On : August 19, 2013

    The Liberia flag was officially adopted on July 26, 1847. The flag of Liberia bears close resemblance to that of the United States.
    Official Name Liberia
    Lat Long6.35 N, 9.29 W
    Largest CityMonrovia
    Official LanguageEnglish
    Major ReligionBuddhism is the largest religion in Macau ,Christian Confucionism, Catholicism, Taoism, Protestantism, Islam etc
    Form of GovernmentUnitary presidential constitutional republic
    PresidentEllen Johnson Sirleaf
    Vice PresidentJoseph Boakai
    CurrencyLiberian dollara (LRD)
    GDP$2.675 billion 2012 estimate
    Calling code231
    Time ZoneGMT

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