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Ali al Salem Map

Ali al Salem in Kuwait is famous for its well known air force base. Located at 29°20'24° north and 47°31'15° east, this city helps in air force installation.

It is one of the important air defense bases in Kuwait. Like other Kuwait cities, Ali al Salem is well connected with other countries by many popular airlines. This makes traveling to Ali al Salem easier. The importance of Ali al Salem lies in its contribution to Kuwait defense system.

Ali al Salem has amazing tourist attractions located all over the city.

The airbase, which serves the country as the most important airbase is one of the main attractions of the country.

The air defense of the country is completely dependent on Ali al Salem. Though the Salem air base is small, it is well guarded by Kuwait. There is a famous mosque in Ali al Salem Kuwait near Jahra that draws large number of tourists form across the globe.

The warm weather of Ali al Salem is due to its proximity to the desert region. Even in winters, the temperature remains quite high. Inspite of this warm weather, Ali al Salem has always remained one of the most important cities of Kuwait.

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