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Schools in Kuwait

There has been a rising number in the establishment of schools in Kuwait. With the initiative of the Kuwait government, numerous schools, colleges and universities have been established in the country.

The stepping stone was laid down by the constitutional amendment of 1962, which declared that education is the fundamental right of all the citizens, irrespective of their gender and class. This amendment and the further amendments made primary school education compulsory since 1965. The government of Kuwait further invested money in the establishment of private school infrastructure.

Presently, a promising figure of about 500,000 students are studying in various schools in Kuwait, colleges and universities. Kuwait Education also encompasses the private and prestigious international schools that have been sponsored by foreign countries.
Some of these schools are the British School of Kuwait, the American International School, the American Schools of Kuwait, Bayan Bilingual School and the French School.

List of national and international schools in Kuwait Some of the national and international schools in Kuwait are:
  • Al Ru'ya Bilingual School
  • American Bilingual School
  • Al Bayan International School
  • American Academy for Girls
  • Fawzia Sultan International
  • American Creativity Academy
  • British School of Kuwait
  • Conductive Education School
  • Dasman Model School
  • Happy Chappies Nursery
  • Gulf English School
  • Ideal Education School
  • Khalifa School
  • Kuwait National English School
  • New English School
  • Cascade British Nursery School
  • The English School of Fahaheel
  • The English School, Kuwait
  • Universal American School
  • Gulf International School
  • The English Academy
Some of the international schools in Kuwait are:
  • Germany Schools
  • Italy Schools
  • Spain Schools
  • Switzerland Schools
  • China Schools
  • India Schools
  • Kenya Schools
  • Singapore Schools
For further informations, please click on the following link:

School in Kuwait

Kuwait Education

The State of Kuwait is focusing on Inclusive Education, which offers opportunity to all kids, regardless of their economic status.

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