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Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Island is located in South America and is a part of the country of Ecuador. Keep surfingMapsofworld for further information and choices on Islands around the world and also for information on other places.

The Galapagos Islands claim to fame is its centuries-long link with Darwin. That is what draws ecologists and non-ecologists alike to the islands. But what drew Darwin himself to these ethereal emeralds on the endless expanses of water is their singular and exquisite beauty. The archipelago is volcanic in nature, with some of these being still active and fuming. There are a total of 13 substantial sized islands, 6 islands of moderate size and some 107 small uninhabited islands and rocks. The islands are absolutely tropical in nature as they are completely scattered around the earth's equator. The islands are found to be in various stages of formation; in fact, some of the islands are relatively new and are still in the process of formation; they are:Fernandina and Isabela.

Moreover, both are active volcanoes. The Galapagos Islands are termed 'Archipiélago de Colón' in Spanish to honor Columbus' discovery of America. They are also called the 'Islas Galápagos' after the shells of the species of turtles - called the Galapagos giant turtles - that populate the island. The Galapagos Islands harbor both flora and fauna in plenty of varieties. It has abundant plant, animal, reptiles, avian, marine and amphibian life. The Galapagos Islands are richly steeped in history too. Apart from the Darwinian connection, the islands have been severally inhabited by diverse ethnic races from time to time. From the islands being 'discovered' byFather Tomas de Berlanga, to the exploitation of the islands for fur, sperm oil and tortoise, to the Galapagos Islands providing shelter to pirates, the Islands have seen and done it all. Then cameDarwin and stayed for some 20 years; eventually writing his thesis which revolutionized the world. Today the islands are a declaredWorld Heritage.

Being a World Heritage site and also a collection of beautiful islands, the Galapagos Islands are clearly at an advantage. So getting to the islands and also touring them is a hassle free factor. Services and other facilities are readily available on the Islands. The main islands are the 13 that are the biggest of the lot. They are:Santiago,Santa Cruz,Floreana,San Cristobal,Española,Genovesa,Santa Fe,Isabela,Fernandina,Darwin,Roca Redonda,Marchena andPinta.

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