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Crisis in Iraq - ISIS Controlled Cities In Iraq
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Where is Iraq
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Iraq is a deserted region despite its location near two rivers, Euphrates and Tigris. It lies between latitudes 33.3333° N, and longitudes 44.4333° E. Iraq has the world's fifth largest oil reserves.
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Description about Map :-Iraq in western Asia is located to the north of the Arabian Desert and covers an area of over 169, 234 sq miles. The capital city, Baghdad, is the most visited city in Iraq. The Baghdad Parade Ground, the Al Jadriya Lake, the National Museum of Iraq, the Jinub Street Park and the Al Kadhimiya Mosque are Baghdad’s biggest attractions. The Map of Iraq points out the other important tourist attractions of the country including the Great Ziggurat of Ur, the Great Mosque of Kufa, the Wadi al Salam, the Great Temple of Hatra, the Al Askari Mosque, and the Arch at Chosroes Ewan.

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Do you know where the Garden of Eden was situated or where Noah built his ark? Have you noticed which country has most been mentioned in the Bible after Israel (though in the Bible you will not find the name of that country, but the names of Babylon, Mesopotamia and Land of Shinar) ?
All these questions lead to a single answer; and that is Iraq. Iraq is presently famous worldwide as an oil-rich nation.

The Iraq map clearly demonstrates the importance of this Western Asian country in the scenario of world politics because of its strategic location. Bordering Iraq are the important countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Turkey and Iran. The iraq map with cities shows topographical features of Iraq, largely influence the relation between Iraq and its neighboring countries. The Zagros Mountains share the land of both Iraq and Iran. The Syrian Desert covers the areas of Iraq, Jordan and Syria while the Arabian Desert has a vast stretch from Iraq to Yemen.

We know that Iraq was a cradle of many civilizations, most notably the Mesopotamian civilization. The Mesopotamian civilization developed between the banks of the Tigris and the Euphrates - the two major rivers that are mentioned even in the Bible. They continue to flow through Iraq even now.

The artifacts and documents that are preserved in the museums of Iraq's capital Baghdad attest to the high level of development that was reached by the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia.A walk through the streets of Iraq will surely unfold those days of Iraq when Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Abbasid, Ottoman and British empires ruled over the country.After the demise of Saddam Hussein, Iraq is gradually returning to normalcy and once again opening its doors wide open for the tourists. The links provided below will help you with further information on the country.The links will provide you with maps of Iraq that will ensure you a safe and comfortable tour of this West Asian country.

Last Update On : December 15, 2012

Flag of Iraq
The official flag of Iraq has three horizontal lines red, white and black. Takbir is written at the centre of the flag which means Allāhu Akbar. It was adopted on 22 January 2008.
Lat Long33.333333, 44.433333
Largest CityBaghdad
Official LanguageArabic and Kurdish
Major ReligionIslam and The other 3% consist of those following Christianity
National day3 October (1932)
Form of GovernmentFederal parliamentary constitutional republic
PresidentFuad Masum
Prime MinisterHaider al-Abadi
CurrencyIraqi dinar (IQD)
GDP$143.676 billion 2013 estimate
Calling code964
Time Zone(UTC+3)