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Where is Greece

Where is Greece?

Greece is a country located in southern Europe, on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea.

Greece Location Map Greece Map
Description : Map showing location of Greece on the Europe Map. Disclaimer

Greece, officially called the Hellenic Greece is located in the southern part of Europe. This country has a strategic geopolitical location between Europe, Africa and Western Asia. Greece due to its location to the west of Aegean Sea, it dominates the Sea and the southern route to the Turkish Strait. Greece a peninsular country is bordered by the Ionian Sea in the west, Mediterranean Sea in the south and the Aegean Sea to its east. Its land boundary is shared with Bulgaria in the north, Albania in the northwest, Republic of Macedonia in the north and Turkey in the northeast. The total area covered by Greece is 131,957, making it the ninety seventh largest country in the world. Greece also possess archipelago of 2000 islands. Greece has a long coastline extending for about 13, 676 km long, its longest coastline is on the Mediterranean Sea, with many beautiful beaches on its side. The geographical coordinates of Greece are 39 00N and 22 00 E. Beautiful Athens is its largest and the capital city.

  Facts About Greece  
Country NameGreece
Capital and largest cityAthens
Area131,957 km2 (50,949 sq mi ) Water (%) 0.8669
Population10,816,286 (2012 Census)
Lat Long39° 0′ 0″ N, 22° 0′ 0″ E (39, 22)
Official LanguageGreek
Calling Code+30
Time ZoneEET (UTC+2) Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Airport46 Airports in Greece
Neighbour countriesTurkey, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia (FYROM)

Last Updated : June 10, 2015


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