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States of Germany

Germany is made up of 16 federal states and is also called as Bundesland.

German or the National Republic of Germany consists of 16States. In Germany (German: Deutschlandkarte), these states are called Lander, which means singular Land. Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen are three prime states of the country; the other 13 states are called Flachenlander or area states.

Formerly the Lander was the western part of the Deutsches Reich, after the end of the Second World War; it was constituted at first as the administrative areas later on it was associated with the Bund orGermany Federal Republic.

In Austria, the Bund was constituted first, and then theother states of German federal systemfollowed them. The Austrian states are also referred to as Lander in the constitution.

Since 1952 EastGermanyrestructured its territory into 15 administrative Bezirke, which meansdistricts.

Though West Berlin was under the dominion of the Western Allies, but through many aspects it was included with West Germany, but did not constitute a Land.West Germany possessed ten states, prior to pre- reunification in Germany (1990) and fourteen East Germany districts were reconstituted in five Landers and survived until 1952. These comprises of the following:-
  • Thuringia and Saxony
  • Mecklenburg- Brandenburg
  • Brandenburg
  • Saxony-Anhalt

The New Berlin land was formed with the re-union of East and West Berlin.

Like any other international federations, states of Germany also got the liability of representing themselves in the global platform. Among the fiveGerman statesmany disputed lands fall. These places are generally barren forests and hill areas; neither the Bavarian lakes are not the part of any municipality. According to the research made on 2005, January, still around 246 states andregionswere left unclaimed by the Government of Germany.

  States in Germany and their Capitals  
StateGerman NameCapitalArea(km.²)Area(mi.²)Pop-2011
Lower SaxonyNiedersachsenHanover47,61818,3857,777,992
Mecklenburg-West PomeraniaMecklenburg-VorpommernSchwerin23,1738,9471,609,982
North Rhine-WestphaliaNordrhein-WestfalenDusseldorf34,08313,15917,538,251

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