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Vatican City Flag

The flag of Vatican City is special for various reasons. The official flag of Vatican City is divided into two equal halves and is composed of two vertical stripes of colors yellow and white.

Vatican City Flag

Flag of Vatican City

Flags of Neighboring Countries
Flags of Neighboring Countries

The flag of the smallest country of the world is also small and it's a perfect square with a proportion of 1:1. An emblem is present on the white strip located on the right side of the Vatican flag .
As Vatican City is a papal seat the emblem consists of the papal tiara and crossed keys of Saint Peter'.

After Vatican City gained independence from Italy in 1929 the flag was officially adopted.

Official Name: Stato della Citta del Vaticano

Capital: Vatican

Location: The world smallest sovereign country Vatican City is located in western Rome on the right bank of the Tiber river.

Area: 0.44 Sq. km

Official Language: Latin Italian.

National Flag: Vertically yellow and white with on the white the crossed keys and tiara of the Papacy.

Flag Ratio: 1:1

National Anthem: Inno e Marcia Pontificale Hymn and Pontifical March (1950)

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