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Tonga Flag

The flag representing the Kingdom of Tonga was officially adopted on 4th November, 1875.

Tonga Flag

Flag of Tonga

The Tonga Flag is red in color with a white quarter at the upper left corner on the hoist-side of the flag.
The white quarter bears a red cross placed at the center. The Red Cross is very much symbolic of the coming of Christianity to Tonga islands. The color red in the Tonga flag also represents the blood of Christ and his sacrifice. The white quarter symbolizes purity.

Official Name: Kingdom of Tonga

Capital: Nuku Alofa on Tongatapu

Location: 169 island and islets forming three main groups Vava in the north Ha apai in the center and tongatapu in the South.

Area: 748 Sq. km

Official Languages: Tonga, English.

National Flag: Red with a white quarter bearing a red coupled cross.

National Anthem: Koe Fasi Oe Tu I Oe Out Tonga National Anthem of Tonga (1874)

Fact about Tonga flag

Designed byNA
Adopted4. November 1875
Design and ColorsA red field with a white canton containing a couped red cross
Size Ratio1:2

Last Updated on : February 12, 2016

Target5.5 Million

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