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Qatar Flag

The reason for the maroon shade in place of red on the flag of Qatar was to differentiate the country's ensign from same types of red and white banners of bordering nations like Bahrain.

Qatar Flag

Flag of Qatar

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The Qatar flag has a ratio of 11:28. The flag is a maroon-colored ensign with a wide white saw-toothed stripe with nine white dots towards the flagpole.

The interpretation of the flag of Qatar is as follows:
  • The maroon color stands for the loss of lives in the various battles and conflicts that Qatar went through, specifically in the last half of the 19th century.
  • The white color stands for the globally accepted sign of harmony
  • The nine-point saw-toothed stripe signifies that the nation is the 9th member of the "resolved Emirates" of the Persian Gulf, following the end of the pact between Great Britain and Qatar in 1916.
First assumed in 1949, this ensign has a number of resemblances with the flag of Bahrain, a bordering nation and past opponent of the country. Nevertheless, this ensign has undergone a number of modifications, and is currently clearly different from the Bahrain flag.

Protocol :
The flag of Qatar is hoisted on every important occasion in the country.

History :
There is a belief that Shaikh Jasim ibn Muhammad Al Thani introduced an ensign in 1855, with identical style and the white and red shades. It was formally assumed on July 9, 1971, though an almost same type of banner (only varying in ratio) had been in force since 1949. This was only prior to the achievement of liberation from the British Government on September 3, 1971.

Qatar tailored its completely red ensign with the inclusion of a white perpendicular band to the flagpole to embody the British rule in the middle of the 19th century. The nine-pointed saw-toothed stripe was included in the ensign in the middle of the 20th century. In addition, the maroon shade was assumed in 1949, consequently forming the contemporary ensign of the country.

The ensign of Qatar has been noticed in reports from Benghazi as being hoisted in the setting with the banner of the Libyan insurgents. This is distinctly conveying the backing for the insurgents in Libya from the Qatari Administration. The colors of the ensign are black and white instead of white and maroon, possibly the most rational thing which can be performed during the beleaguering circumstances of the hostilities.

Adopted On July 9, 1971
Name Flag of Qatar, Qatar Flag, Official Flag of Qatar
Stands for The white color represents harmony. The maroon color represents the loss of lives in conflicts. The nine-point saw-toothed stripe indicates that the nation is the 9th member of the "resolved Emirats".
Proportion 11:28
Colors Maroon and white.

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