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Canada Flag

The Canada Flag is a combination of two red vertical stripes on each side with a red colored maple leaf adorning the central white strip.
Canada Flag

Canada Flag

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The Canadian flag consists of three vertical stripes: the right and left stripe are red and of equal size. The center stripe is white and in the middle of it is a red eleven-pointed maple leaf emblem.
Red and white are the national colors of Canada; these were proclaimed as official colors of the country by King George in 1921. The color red was taken from the Saint George's Cross and the color white from the French royal emblem.

The maple leaf at the center of the flag represents the national tree of Canada. The Canadian flag is also known as the Maple Leaf flag and was inspired by the flag of The Royal Military College of Canada.

Official Name: Canada
Proportion: 12:18
Adopted on: February 15, 1965
Location: North America bordered by the contiguous United States and Alaska
Capital City: Ottawa
Major Cities: Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal, Halifax, Windsor
Area: 3,854,085 square miles
Population: 34,672,000
Currency: Canadian dollar ($) (CAD)
Official Languages: English and French
National Anthem: O Canada

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