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Finland Map

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Where is Finland ?
Finland, officially Republic of Finland, is a country in Northern Europe. It is bordered by Sweden, Norway, Russia, Estonia and Gulf of Finland. It is 8th largest country in Europe in terms of area.
Finland Map

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The national flag of Finland is also named as Blue Cross Flag. The flas has white background on which sea-blue Nordic Cross is placed. The state flag also has Coat of Arms in the centre.
Lat Long60.166667, 24.933333
Largest CityHelsinki
Official LanguageFinnish, Swedish
Major ReligionLutheranism, Eastern Orthodoxy
Form of GovernmentParliamentary republic
PresidentSauli Niinisto
Prime MinisterJyrki Katainen
GDP$197.476 billion 2012 estimate
Calling code358
Time ZoneEET (UTC+2)