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Fiji Food

Fiji Food is traditional style preparations and you are sure to get the smell of the Fiji culture in them. The native Fijians along with the Indo-Fijians prefer to use their hands while eating and mostly the Fiji Food is eaten on the floor and the members sits on the mat.
Traditional Fiji Food are Incredibly delicious and unique and they mainly consists of Rice,Sweet potatoes, Taro, Cassava, Coconut and Fish. International cuisine are available in Fiji but the popular Fiji food are mainly Local Fijian dishes along with Indian delicacies. The restaurants and hotels offer table services but the buffet-style food are also seen in most of the food outlets.

The national specialties of Fiji food are :
  • Kakoda
  • Duruka
  • Lovo
  • Rourou
  • Breadfruit

Alcohol is only served in the licensed hotels and bars and the favorite national drinks of Fiji are Carlton, Fiji Bitter, Meridan Moselle and Suvanna Moselle. Thus the Fiji food are plenty and they are really Traditional delightful delicacies

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