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U.S. Presidential Election 1992

The 1992 US election was held in the backdrop of a global economic downtrend and the prospect of an unwelcome rise of United States taxes. Democrat Bill Clinton defeated his nearest rival - the Republican Party candidate George H.W Bush by a margin of 3% of the popular vote to become the 42nd US President as a result of this election.

The Democratic Party chose William “Bill” Jefferson Clinton as its presidential nominee. The nomination was a sedate affair rendered exciting with Clinton's personal affairs. Clinton had previous political experience as Governor of Arkansas. He chose the Tennessee Senator Albert “Al” A. Gore as his running mate.

The Republican Party chose incumbent President George H.W Bush as its presidential nominee. The nomination was a fiercely contested one. The normally moderate Republican George Bush was forced to portray himself as a more conservative contender. Bush competed with candidates like Louisiana State Representative David Duke, the former Minnesota Governor Harold E. Stassen, and the Virginia resident Patrick J. Buchanan. The Republican Party re-appointed the incumbent Vice President as its choice of running mate.

The Texan billionaire Henry Ross Perot also filed his independent presidential nomination. He chose James Bond Stockdale as his running mate.

The 1992 US election campaign trail was marked by all the major candidates making reference to the US economy. The Democratic Party candidate Bill Clinton specially emphasized on the dismal state of the economic climate prevalent in the United States at that time. He publicly favored a more stringent tax regime for the economically empowered. Clinton also supported increased government expenditure on essential societal functions like transportation, communications and education. George Bush portrayed a lesser taxed US society with minimal government involvement in industries. The incumbent President also made attacks on the lack of personal integrity of Bill Clinton.

The 1992 US presidential election was won by Bill Clinton. Clinton won 43% of the popular votes cast. He also won an overwhelming 370 Electoral votes compared to his nearest rival George H.W Bush's 168. George Bush won 37.4% of the popular votes. A significant chunk of the popular vote base was also captured by Ross Perot-18.9%. However, Perot failed to win any Electoral vote.

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