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Zagazig City Map

Tourists may visit the city of Zagazig while traveling through the country. The capital city of Sharqiyyah Province is Zagazig. This city is known as one of the major tourist destinations of Egypt. From Cairo, the capital of Egypt, Zagazig is situated at a distance of 50 miles.
Initially, Zagazig in Egypt was not set up as any proper city. But it was a mere camp to shelter people working at the barrages of river Nile. The camp was set up during 1820's. This city of Sharqiyyah Province is known as an important center for trading cotton and corn.

Orabi Museum is one of the important tourist spots located in this city. Tourists cannot afford to miss out this museum while traveling through Zagazig. This museum houses archaeological artifacts of ancient times. This museum was named after Colonel Ahmed Orabi, who is known to protest against the rule of the Britishers.

The remnants of Bubastis are located very near to Zagazig at a distance of 3 km. Bubastis, during the rule of 22nd and 23rd Dynasty, happened to be the capital of Egypt. There are many ancient temples built in this area that fascinate the tourists. The city of Zagazig is also known for the Zagazig University.

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