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Girga is a beautiful city in the country of Egypt. There is a confusion regarding the exact location of Girga. Some are of the opinion that Girga was actually known as Thinis in the ancient Egypt.
To others, the city of Girga was originally the village of Birba. In ancient Egypt, Thinis or This used to be the capital of Egypt. It was the capital city during the rule of 1st and 2nd Dynasties in Egypt.

The city of Girga was named after Saint George. There is an ancient monastery in this city that has been dedicated to this saint. Tourists on a trip to Egypt must visit Girga, which is one of the major destinations of Egypt. They will love to savor the beauty of the surrounding landscape in Girga.

Tourist Spots in Girga : 
Tourists coming to the city of Girga can visit the various interesting places in the city. They can visit the Porcelain Mosque known as the El-Sini Mosque in Girga. This site has been much affected by floods of the Nile River. Tourists can also check out the ancient sites in Girga. The site at Beit Qallaf is historically important. Tourists will get to see tombs made of mud-bricks that were built during the rule of 3rd Dynasty in Egypt.