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El-Arish is a historically important city in Egypt, which has been a place of tourist interest for many. This city is located in Norther Sinai region and is easily accessible from all major cities of Egypt.
This place lies on the coastal regions off the Mediterranean Sea and as such, the scenic beauty is breathtaking. The shades of the palm trees make for the ideal beach destination to chill out during throughout the year. The El Arish city is noted for the persistent Bedouin culture that is clear in the artifacts, which are available here.

The chief tourist attraction of the El Arish region is a fort built by the Pharaohs. The fort had been re built by the Turkish emperor in the 16th century and repaired by Napoleon Bonaparte in the year 1799. It was during the devastating bombings of the First World War that this fortress was almost destroyed. This apart, there is a zoological garden, which houses various endemic animals of the Sinai Peninsula. Close by is an exhibition center, which puts up wonderful artifacts of the Bedouins who are the residents of this place.

Traveling to El- Arish : 
Air transportation is available from many international airports up to Sharm el-Sheikh, which happens to be the nearest airport from El-Arish. Cairo, the capital city of Egypt is well connected to this city via bus route. Domestic flights to Sharm el-Sheikh also ferry passengers from other airports of Egypt.