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Among the towns that are located in Upper Egypt, Asyut is the largest one. Asyut lies at a distance of 234 miles from the capital city of Egypt. In the ancient days, in Egypt, Asyut was the capital of the 13th Nome. During the earlier periods, this city was known by the name of Syut. The geographical location of Asyut is 27 degree 10 min north Latitude and 31 degree 10 min east Longitude.

The city of Asyut was founded during the times of the Pharaohs in Egypt. During the Greek invasion, the name of Syut was changed into Lycopolis. The new name of the city meant the 'city of the wolf'. This city has been thus renamed, as the Jackal Gods were very popular and worshiped by the people of the city. Anubis and Wepwawet were two important gods in the ancient era.

Tourists on a travel to Egypt can visit Asyut, the capital of the Governorate of Said. This city happens to be a populous area in the Upper Egypt. This city is known in Egypt for a good production of grain and cotton. The carpet making industries in Asyut are also important. From Asyut, tourists can visit the Banana Island.