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Nakskov is an interesting city in Denmark. The historical town of Nakskov is situated in the southern part of Denmark, on the western coast of the island Lolland .
Nakskov town is a very ancient town that has still retained some of its historical reminiscences like the narrow stone built pathways, church and market place. Nakskov was riding very high on popularity during the 16 th century. It had successful industries , trade and commerce as well as very fertile arable land area where agricultural activities were very successful. In modern day also, Nakskov has been successful in retaining some of its previous trends as it now house the largest sugar factory in Scandinavia and also has shipyard.

Nakskov previously was an independent municipal area. But after the very recent municipality reformation it has now merged with six other municipal areas. Nakskov municipality is now the part of the huge Lolland municipality administrative system. Nakskov municipality has taken good care of the education of the town people. Nakskov has six schools and other higher educational institution like the IMMA where students get training in multimedia. Moreover, Nakskov municipality has special care programs for its elder citizens. The town has well developed health care management with hospitals and health care centers as well.

Though Nakskov is generally known as an industrial center, its location has made it an attractive tourist center also. Nakskov has a bay with many small islands that are very attractive to the travelers. The town gives easy access to the near by Nakskov Fjord that is a renowned wildlife sanctuary notable for its birds.


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