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World Cities
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The 'cities' section of MapsofWorld, is a city based directory comprising of the major and the most visited cities of the world.
This city based directory of the world provides detailed and comprehensive information about the most important cities of the world. Apart from having information ranging from demographics, to tourist attractions, to restaurant and hotel reviews, to transportation and other essential services of a city, there are interesting travel related information bytes, which will come extremely handy for travelers.

Our extensive city guides also cover nightlife, weather, flight schedules, shopping guides, real estate information, visa and immigration information, entertainment options, education options, business and trade information, and much more.

MapsofWorld also provides travel maps of the cities covered. One can also book hotels and flights online through our booking engine. World Cities offers a virtual tour of all the top cities of the world to the users, enabling them to visit all the cities of the world through their desktop. Start by simply clicking any continent in the map above or any country listed below, and sail through a knowledge enriching journey of top world cities.

Map of World Capitals

Abu Dhabi MapHagatna MapPhnom Penh Map
Abuja MapHamilton MapPodgorica Map
Accra MapHanoi MapPort Louis Map
Adamstown MapHarare MapPort Moresby Map
Addis Ababa MapHargeisa MapPort Of Spain Map
Algiers MapHavana Map Port Vila Map
Alofi MapHelsinki MapPort-au-prince Map
Amman MapHoniara MapPorto-Novo Map
Amsterdam MapIslamabad MapPrague Map
Andorra La Vella MapJakarta MapPraia Map
Ankara MapJerusalem MapPristina Map
Antananarivo MapJuba MapPyongyang Map
Apia MapKabul MapQuito Map
Ashgabat MapKampala MapRabat Map
Asmara MapKathmandu MapReykjavik Map
Astana MapKhartoum MapRiga Map
Asuncion MapKiev MapRiyadh Map
Athens MapKigali MapRoad Town Map
Avarua MapKingston MapRome Map
Baghdad MapKingston MapRoseau Map
Baku MapKingstown MapSaint Helier Map
Bamako MapKinshasa MapSaint Johns Map
Bandar Seri Begawan MapKuala Lumpur MapSaint Peter Port Map
Bangkok MapKuwait City MapSan Jose Map
Bangui MapLibreville MapSan Juan Map
Banjul MapLilongwe MapSan Marino City Map
Basseterre MapLima MapSan Salvador Map
Beijing MapLisbon MapSana'a Map
Ljubljana MapSantiago Map
Belgrade MapLome MapSanto Domingo Map
Belmopan MapLondon MapSao Tome Map
Berlin MapLuanda MapSarajevo Map
Bern MapLusaka MapSeoul Map
Bishkek MapLuxembourg City MapSingapore city Map
Bissau City MapMadrid MapSkopje Map
Bogota MapMajuro MapSofia Map
Brasilia MapMalabo MapSri Jayawardenapura-kotte Map
Bratislava MapMale MapSt. George's Map
Brazzaville MapManagua MapStanley Map
Bridgetown MapManama MapStockholm Map
Brussels MapManila MapSucre Map
Bucharest MapMaputo MapSuva Map
Budapest MapMaseru MapTaipei Map
Buenos Aires MapMbabane MapTallinn Map
Bujumbura MapMexico City MapTarawa Map
Cairo MapMinsk MapTashkent Map
Canberra MapMogadishu MapTbilisi Map
Cape Town MapMonaco MapTegucigalpa Map
Caracas MapMonrovia MapTehran Map
Castries MapMontevideo MapThe Valley Map
Cayenne MapMoroni MapThimphu Map
Charlotte Amalie MapMoscow MapTirana Map
Chisinau MapMuscat MapTiraspol Map
Cockburn Town MapN'Djamena MapTokyo Map
Conakry MapNairobi MapTripoli Map
Copenhagen MapNassau MapTunis Map
Dakar MapNaypyidaw MapUlan Bator Map
Damascus MapNew Delhi MapVaduz Map
Dhaka MapNgerulmud MapValletta Map
Dili MapNiamey MapVatican City Map
Djibouti city MapNicosia MapVictoria City Map
Dodoma MapNouakchott MapVienna Map
Doha MapNukuʻalofa MapVientiane Map
Douglas MapNuuk MapVilnius Map
Dublin MapOranjestad MapWarsaw Map
Dushanbe MapOslo MapWashington D.C. Map
Freetown MapOttawa MapWellington Map
Funafuti MapOuagadougou MapWindhoek Map
Gaborone MapPalikir MapYamoussoukro Map
George Town MapPanama City MapYaounde Map
Georgetown MapPapeete MapYaren Map
Gibraltar City MapParamaribo MapYerevan Map
Guatemala City MapParis MapZagreb Map

Major cities in the world

Bangalore MapGuangzhou Map
Anchorage MapMinneapolis Downtown Map
Kandahar MapMobile Map
Atlanta MapShanghai Map
Thiruvananthapuram MapMontery Peninsula Map
Bakersfield MapMontgomery Map
Mumbai MapAalborg Map
Birmingham MapNew York City Map
Chennai MapOdense Map
Central New York City MapNogales Map
Kolkata MapGrenoble Map
Central San Francisco MapPalm Springs Map
Chicago MapLyon Map
Brisbane MapPhoenix Map
Fairbanks MapPattaya
Darwin MapSacramento Map
Osaka MapRennes Map
Flagstaff MapSan Diego Map
Melbourne MapSan Diego Map
Fresno MapCologne Map
Sydney MapSan Francisco Map
Greater Minneapolis MapFrankfurt Map
AntalyaSanta Barbara Map
Honolulu MapHamburg Map
Hot Spring MapCalifornia City Map
Indiana Polis MapHannover Map
Saopaulo MapManhattan Map
Jeneau MapLeipzig Map
Rio De Janeiro MapBarcelona Map
DubaiHouston Map
Kansas MapMunich Map
Montreal MapGranada Map
Las Vegas MapToledo Map
Toronto MapStuttgart Map
Little Rock MapTucson Map
Vancouver MapYuma Map
Los Angeles MapHyderabad Map

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