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Customs and Traditions in Chad

The entire population of Chad is characterized by different religious and ethnic group and each of these groups are dominated by certain well established Chad Custom.
Taubou or Daza Chad Custom
There are almost 200 different ethnic groups and the customs of Chad differ among each of the groups. Taubou or Daza is one of the main groups, who are basically known to live the life of nomads. These people believe in the custom of marriage and their family consists of a head, which is generally the husband, a wife and children. But in a Taubou or Daza family all major decisions are taken by the wife. These people also believe in the custom of polygamy. All the lawful customs the Taubou or Daza people are based on compensation and revenge.

Customs of Chad Arab
Arabs constitute an important section of the overall population of the country and hence it is important to know about the customs that are followed by them in Chad. "Kashimbet" is the primary social unit of the Arabs in Chad. The Arabs respect the institution of marriage and live in the society in closely knit families. The Arabs follow some of the long established customs with great enthusiasm and dedication.

Thus, it can be concluded from the above discussion that Chad Customs play an important role so far as Chad Lifestyle is concerned.