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Clothing in Chad

Chad is a land of ethnic diversity and as far as Chad Clothing is concerned, the pattern and styles changes from one ethnic group to another. The dressing style of the people of Chad is also dictated by the geographical location and the type of climate that they live in.

Clothing Style in Chad
To know more about the culture of this African country, it is extremely important to throw light on the clothing style of the different ethnic groups of Chad. Generally, people of Chad try to dress in such a way which can protect their skin from scorching and unbearable heat and sand storms. People of Chad remain clad in thick clothes to cover every part of their body.

Clothing in Chad
Although every kind of modern and fashionable clothes are available in Chad, it is important to know about the ordinary dressing style of the people of this country. Dress worn by the people of the land characterizes Chad Clothing. Men are usually seen wearing light colored cotton long robes and cotton trousers. They cover their head with thick scarf and turban. The women of the country wear long and thick gowns, which cover every single part of their body. Boys wear simple cotton shirts and pants while the girls prefer wearing cotton wraparounds and shirts.

Thus, it can be concluded that Chad Clothing is unique and reflects the lifestyle of the people.