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The Company of Multimap is one of the chief providers of online mapping and location-based services of the world. The business of multimap has two parts: the business service and the consumer website. The company offers online maps, which are accurate and detailed.

Website of Multimap is one of the popular Online Map Makers in Europe. Multimap offers detailed street level maps of Europe, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the US and quite a few cities all over the world, travel directions, road maps of the world, aerial photographs with map overlay as well as local information. Thus the minute information plays a major role in helping people with the exact knowledge about the particular location they are looking for.

Along with the maps, Multimap also offers information about holiday-cottages, hotels and restaurant-booking services as well as the ability to buy both historic and aerial photograph prints. The consumer website of Multimap has more than 10 million unique users and delivers above 190 million page views per month.

Multimap received the 'Best Site' category of the eminent Imperatives Digital Awards in 2007. Hitwise UK, the online competitive intelligence service titled the site as the top-performing website by visits in the 'Travel - Maps' category for both 2005 and 2006.

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