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World Map of Medieval Era

Map Makers of the Medieval Era

There are many medieval map makers , who have contributed a great deal in the field of map making. Some well known medieval map makers of the world are Hartmann Schedel, Johannes Ruysch and Piri Reis.

Hartmann Schedel was a German historian, humanist and physician who was also a skilled map maker. He used the printing press in cartography. The Nuremberg Chronicle produced by him was his most ambitious project in the world of maps. It includes a world map, quite a few city maps and a map representing central and northern Europe.

Johannes Ruisch is another leading medieval map maker of the world. He created a map representing the entire world. It is the second oldest printed map depicting the New World. Johannes used Ptolemy's first projection to create this map.

Piri Reis or Hadji Muhammad is another medieval map maker of global acclaim. His full name is Hadji Muhiddin Piri Ibn Hadji Mehmed. Piri Reis prepared a number of charts and maps, which have been compiled in a book called Kitab-i Bahrieh.

The names of some other renowned map makers of the medieval era are Fra Mauro, Johannes Werner, Philipp Apian, Willem Janszoon Blaeu and Peter Apian.

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